Arduino IDE

What you need

  1. OBJEX Link (v1.0 and later, v1.6-C3 RISCV)

  2. USB-C Cable

  3. CP210x Driver - Download

  4. Arduino IDE - Download

Upload the first firmware

Install ESP32 Core - espressif repo or

After installing the drivers for the serial bridge and the ESP32 Core, connect OBJEX Link to your PC, open the Arduino IDE and click on tools to enter the parameters shown in the screenshot below.

📌 Select ESP32 Dev Module if you use OBJEX Link v1.0 and higher.

📌 Select ESP32C3 if you use OBJEX Link v1.6-C3 RISCV

So, select the board "ESP32 Dev Module or ESP32C3" (OBJEX Link is compatible with all boards in the ESP32 Core). And select the port(in this example COM22) to connect to OBJEX Link.

Now try to upload sketch/firmware, like this below!

void setup(){
void loop(){
  Serial.println("Hi, OBJEX Link!");

After uploading the test firmware, open the console and if everything is working properly you should see the following message "Hi, OBJEX Link!

If you have any problems check out the troubleshooting guide.

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