FLEX M0 - 60mm

OBJEX Flex gives you the opportunity to make the modules versatile and most importantly to fit the type of design or the final application of the designed device. The flexible cables are installed in the same way as the M0 modules, respecting the direction of the arrow and the coupling of the connectors.


OBJEX Flex is very flexible and durable

OBJEX Flex is very reliable but you have to be very careful while using them, because they can get damaged if not used carefully. Here are some tips for proper use:

  1. Avoid sudden movements, or excessive pressure on the flexible PCB when mounting.

  2. When unmounting follow the same method as indicated for M0 modules, so never try to forcibly pull OBJEX Flex from the modules or OBJEX Link.

  3. Use OBJEX Flex in environments that are not too hot and humid, and avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

OBJEX Flex M0 60mm is intended to be used inside a device.

When using OBJEX Flex, it is recommended not to flex the cables when the board running.

Example 1: HDC1080 + OBJEX Flex

It is possible to use them with a temperature sensor, so the detected temperature will not be affected by overheating of the ESP32 or the charging circuit.

Example 2: IoT Buttons + OBJEX Flex

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