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OBJEX Link v1.6-C3 & OBJEX Link v1.7-C3

ESP32-C3 Native USB problems

OBJEX Link v1.7-C3 may not be recognized correctly by win10. Here is what you need to do:
If the board is still not recognized by the operating system continue reading the next step.
  • Mount OBJEX Link v1.7-C3 in the protoboard v2.0, and as shown in the picture, put a button and connect it to GND and IO0(DTR).
  • Now, open the device manager of win10.
  • Hold down the (BOOT) button you put on the protoboard and connect USB-C to your PC.
On the device manager you should see this:
-> Now, Install this tool:
Right-click "USB JTAG debug unit" -> restore default driver, and install the new driver as shown below.
Now, open the device manager you should see this:
And finally open the Arduino IDE to start using OBJEX Link v1.7-C3 RISCV!
Last modified 2yr ago