OBJEX Link v1.5


OBJEX Link v1.5 is the default version of the series. This version of OBJEX Link is designed to provide high computing power. With the compromise of slightly increasing power consumption. The board is very compact and can be used for various IoT applications and more. It is possible to install two M0 modules or one M1 module.

IoT Applications: Smart Home & Cities, IIOT, Predictive Maintenance, Agriculture Automation.

It's also ideal for rapid prototyping, advanced research projects, and robotics projects.

Key features

  • Compact size 24x24mm, high component density

  • Modular design for a wide range of applications

  • Designed to ensure easy reuse

  • Based on ESP32-PICO-D4

  • WiFi & BLE 4.2 connectivity

  • Over 17 GPIOs

  • USB-C Type 2.0

  • Tiny battery connector

  • Compatible with Arduino IDE

  • Battery manager(fast-charge)

  • Support for external PSRAM

OBJEX Link v1.5 is not compatible with MicroPython.

Block diagram


The picture below shows the OBJEX Link v1.6 pinout of its two M0 slots. As you can see some pins like SDA and SCL are present on both M0 slots in order to use at best all pins in the two slots.


Technical specifications

Warranty & Certifications

OBJEX Link v1.5 is currently an experimental prototype, but all components used are RoHS compliant.

OBJEX Link v1.5 does not yet have all the certifications needed for mass sale. Currently, only a few prototypes are distributed for testing and research purposes, and not for real use on IoT devices.

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